Free Car Wash & Cappuccino

01 February 2019 - 31 March 2019

Every week we randomly draw a parking bay number, and the lucky shopper who parked in that bay will win a free car wash, compliments of Windermere Centre, as well as a free cappuccino from either Fortunes Coffee Shop or Delicious. 

The lucky winner will be notified by receiving a slip on their windscreen with all the details they need to know. 

The fun starts on the 1st of February 2019. While we do not expect any problems, we need to cover some important stuff too. Please note the terms and conditions below:

DISCLAIMER NOTICE/INDEMNITY Patrons of Windermere Centre take part in this promotion at their own risk. The Proprietor, its agent/s and/or its employee/s (“the Proprietor”) shall not be liable for any claims of whatever nature including but not limited to that of theft, injury, loss or damage of whatever nature, against the Proprietor, whether arising from the Proprietor’s default, negligence or otherwise.