Centre Information


The centre has direct access from the upper and lower levels as well as a lift. There are wheelchair friendly restroom facilities and a wheelchair is available for use on request from centre management.

Winderemere Library has a disabled ramp and chair lift with dedicated disabled parking specifically allocated for the library.

Car Wash Facilities

There is a car wash company on site daily and mobile staff offer a car wash service at competitive rates, while you shop.

Exhibition Space

Mainly reserved for tenants and non profit organisations. Should you wish to enquire please email admin@windermere.co.za.


Windermere has a long standing relationship with many charitable and non profit organisations in the area. Promotional space within the mall is often occupied by fundraisers and well supported by the community.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available to purchase from Centre Management and can be used at any of the stores at Windermere Centre. 

Floor Plans

Lower floor

Upper floor